Psychological Assessment and Therapy



Children, young people and families attend this clinic for a range of reasons. They may be experiencing problems in their relationships with friends or with each other, they may be concerned about things such as a child having strong fears, anxiety or sadness, or behaving in ways that are interfering with their positive development

Or they may just want to learn ways to ensure they establish and maintain strong positive self esteem, confidence and resilience in children, or parents might want to enhance their functioning as parents and families.

Services include assessment and therapy for:

Emotional and behavioural problems,




difficulties with emotional expression

(e.g. anger, frustration, sadness)




poor listening

Developmental disorders such as Autistic
Spectrum Disorders and developmental delay

Behaviour management and parenting support

Strengthening parent-child relationships

Building confidence and resilience in children

Stress management.

Social skills training

Adoption Adjustment and Support


Psychometric Assessment

Psychometric assessment is the use of a combination of structured tests, clinical interview and observation to determine a child’s strengths and areas of difficulty in domains such as intellectual ability, day to day functioning, academic achievement and learning ability.

This type of assessment can be useful when there is a concern about how a child is developing in one or more of these areas; to assist with diagnosis of developmental disorders (e.g. Autistic Spectrum Disorders, intellectual or developmental delay); and
to provide information for educational needs (e.g. Learning Difficulties, Gifted and Talented). Please see the FAQ for details.